Regardless of what program you choose to fit your needs our operation starts with veteran management who maintain a continual focus of "Service after the Sale". Service to us means:

  • Emergency deliveries
  • On-time scheduled deliveries
  • Trained technicians available 24 hours a day
  • Courteous customer service representatives
  • Quick response to any request
  • Exceeding your expectations!

On-Time Delivery

At AVM Services we recognize our route salesperson is your direct contact with us. We train our route salespeople on "Service after the Sale". Our route salesperson will visit every 20 working days in our AVM Services decaled truck to fulfill your needs. He or she is equipped with a handheld computer showing purchase history, product par levels and any special instructions. When we run promotions or introduce new products and services, our route person will bring you samples and information directly.

Upon each delivery, your route salesperson will input the amount of product on hand. Using the computer, they will see your quantity needs and replenish your items. All products are rotated to maintain our "Freshness – Quality – Service" standards. Next, your brewing equipment and coffee holding vessels will be cleaned.

Your invoice will then be printed from the delivery vehicle. Any credits or adjustments will be made and a clean, accurate invoice will be presented to you for your signature. Our route salesperson will also provide you with a service calendar. This six-month calendar reminds you of your next scheduled delivery day.

Equipment Service Calls

Service calls for coffee brewers not brewing before Noon are serviced the same day. Calls after Noon are scheduled for the following morning. (Although in many cases, afternoon service calls can be serviced the same day. Just call and ask!)

Equipment replacement calls are scheduled within 48 hours of receiving the call. We are proud of our level of service and will continue to work hard to meet your needs.

Product Service

Our drivers take responsibility for your order on your scheduled delivery days. Our handheld computer system and driver training ensure each scheduled delivery is made on time – making out-of-product calls from our customers extremely rare. We deliver the right products and the right amount to keep you on schedule.