Café Excellence

Single Cup Pod Brewing

Milano Bunn Autopod
Café X Milano – Brews 1 cup The Bunn Autopod

Coffee brewing technology has evolved from Decanter Brewers to Hopper Single Cups to Bean-to-Cup Single Cups to Keurig and Flavia. Now it's time for the Café Excellence Milano Pod Brewer – the new revolution in single cup. Taste the best tasting coffee. Pod technology presses the coffee to maximize flavor just like a French Press. This is an enhanced coffee experience!

Benefits of Single Cup Pod Brewing

  • Cost Savings – Pods sell for the same or less.
  • Green – Biodegradable pods are friendlier to our environment.
  • Pilferage – Companies are paying for K-cups and Flavia packets that employees take home with them. Employees can't use pods at home.
  • Available in 10 Regular Coffees, 3 Decaffeinated Coffees, 8 Flavored Coffees, 3 Decaffeinated Coffees and 7 Teas.
  • Brews 8 oz. of beverage in 30 seconds.
  • 10-12 gram coffee pods.
  • Ejects the pods automatically.
  • Water hook up.
  • Dimensions: 18 1/8" H x 18" D x 9 1/4" W
  • Required plumbing: 1/4" flared cold water line
  • Required electric: 110v 15amp

Additional equipment may be needed as employment census changes. AVM Services will provide this additional equipment upon consultation with location management when necessary.